December 9th All Events

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December 9th, 2007 (December 09 2007)DeathThore Skogman, Swedish entertainer (born in 1931)
December 9th, 2006 (December 09 2006)EventMoscow suffers its worst fire since 1977, killing 45 women in a drug rehabitational center.
December 9th, 2005 (December 09 2005)DeathGyorgy Sandor, Hungarian pianist (born in 1912)
December 9th, 2005 (December 09 2005)DeathRobert Sheckley, American author (born in 1928)Robert Ley Quotes
December 9th, 2004 (December 09 2004)DeathDavid Brudnoy, American radio personality (born in 1940)
December 9th, 2004 (December 09 2004)DeathLea De Mae, Czech actress (born in 1976)
December 9th, 2003 (December 09 2003)EventA blast in the center of Moscow kills six people and wounds several more.
December 9th, 2003 (December 09 2003)DeathPaul Simon, U.S. Senator from Illinois (born in 1928)Paul Simon Quotes
December 9th, 2003 (December 09 2003)DeathNorm Sloan, American basketball coach (born in 1926)
December 9th, 2002 (December 09 2002)DeathMary Hansen, Australian guitarist and singer (Stereolab) (born in 1966)
December 9th, 2002 (December 09 2002)DeathIan Hornak, American Painter, Draughtsman and Sculptor (born in 1944)
December 9th, 2002 (December 09 2002)DeathStan Rice, American painter, educator, and poet (born in 1942)
December 9th, 2001 (December 09 2001)DeathMichael Carver, British soldier (born in 1915)
December 9th, 1998 (December 09 1998)DeathShaughnessy Cohen, Canadian politician (born in 1948)
December 9th, 1998 (December 09 1998)DeathArchie Moore, American boxer (born in 1913)
December 9th, 1996 (December 09 1996)DeathPatty Donahue, American singer (The Waitresses) (born in 1956)
December 9th, 1996 (December 09 1996)DeathMary Leakey, English archaeologist and anthropologist (born in 1913)
December 9th, 1996 (December 09 1996)DeathAlain Poher, French politician (born in 1909)
December 9th, 1995 (December 09 1995)DeathToni Cade Bambara, American author (born in 1939)
December 9th, 1995 (December 09 1995)DeathDouglas Corrigan, American aviator (born in 1907)
December 9th, 1994 (December 09 1994)DeathGarnett Silk, Jamaican reggae singer (born in 1966)
December 9th, 1993 (December 09 1993)DeathDanny Blanchflower, Northern Irish footballer and manager (born in 1926)
December 9th, 1992 (December 09 1992)DeathVincent Gardenia, American stage, film and television actor (born in 1922)
December 9th, 1990 (December 09 1990)EventLech Walesa becomes the first directly elected president of Poland.Lech Walesa Quotes
December 9th, 1990 (December 09 1990)BirthLaFee, German singer
December 9th, 1988 (December 09 1988)EventThe Michael Hughes Bridge in Sligo, Ireland is officially opened.
December 9th, 1987 (December 09 1987)EventIsraeli-Palestinian conflict: The First Intifada begins in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
December 9th, 1984 (December 09 1984)DeathRazzle, English drummer (Hanoi Rocks) (born in 1960)
December 9th, 1983 (December 09 1983)BirthDariusz Dudka, Polish footballer
December 9th, 1983 (December 09 1983)BirthJermaine Beckford, English footballer
December 9th, 1982 (December 09 1982)BirthTamilla Abassova, Russian cyclist
December 9th, 1982 (December 09 1982)BirthVincent Accardi, American guitarist Brand New
December 9th, 1982 (December 09 1982)DeathLeon Jaworski, Watergate scandal special prosecutor (born in 1905)
December 9th, 1981 (December 09 1981)BirthMardy Fish, American tennis player
December 9th, 1981 (December 09 1981)BirthDiya Mirza, Indian actress
December 9th, 1981 (December 09 1981)DeathDaniel Faulkner, Philadelphia police officer (born in 1955)
December 9th, 1980 (December 09 1980)BirthRyder Hesjedal, Canadian cyclist
December 9th, 1979 (December 09 1979)EventThe eradication of the smallpox virus is certified, making smallpox the first and to date only human disease driven to extinction.
December 9th, 1979 (December 09 1979)BirthOlivia Lufkin, Japanese singer
December 9th, 1979 (December 09 1979)BirthStephen McPhail, Irish footballer
December 9th, 1979 (December 09 1979)DeathFulton J. Sheen, American archbishop and television preacher (Life is Worth Living) (born in 1895)
December 9th, 1978 (December 09 1978)BirthJesse Metcalfe, American actor
December 9th, 1977 (December 09 1977)BirthSaskia Garel, Canadian actress
December 9th, 1977 (December 09 1977)BirthShayne Graham, American football player
December 9th, 1977 (December 09 1977)BirthImogen Heap, English singer-songwriter
December 9th, 1976 (December 09 1976)BirthChris Booker, American baseball player
December 9th, 1975 (December 09 1975)DeathWilliam A. Wellman, American movie director (born in 1896)
December 9th, 1974 (December 09 1974)BirthCanibus, American rapper
December 9th, 1974 (December 09 1974)BirthWendy Dillinger, American female soccer player and coach
December 9th, 1972 (December 09 1972)BirthReiko Aylesworth, American actress
December 9th, 1972 (December 09 1972)BirthTre Cool, German-born American drummer (Green Day)
December 9th, 1972 (December 09 1972)BirthFabrice Santoro, Tahitian-born French tennis player
December 9th, 1972 (December 09 1972)DeathLouella Parsons, American gossip columnist (born in 1881)
December 9th, 1971 (December 09 1971)BirthPetr Nedved, Czech ice hockey player
December 9th, 1971 (December 09 1971)DeathRalph Bunche, American diplomat, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1904)
December 9th, 1971 (December 09 1971)DeathSergey Konenkov, Russian sculptor (born in 1874)
December 9th, 1970 (December 09 1970)DeathArtem Mikoyan, Soviet aircraft designer (born in 1905)
December 9th, 1970 (December 09 1970)DeathSir Feroz Khan Noon, Prime Minister of Pakistan (born in 1893)
December 9th, 1969 (December 09 1969)BirthJakob Dylan, American singer (The Wallflowers)
December 9th, 1969 (December 09 1969)BirthBixente Lizarazu, French footballer
December 9th, 1969 (December 09 1969)BirthSebastian Spence, Canadian actor
December 9th, 1968 (December 09 1968)EventNLS (a system for which hypertext and the computer mouse were developed) is publicly demonstrated for the first time in San Francisco.
December 9th, 1968 (December 09 1968)BirthKurt Angle, American wrestler
December 9th, 1968 (December 09 1968)BirthBrian Bell, American guitarist (Weezer)
December 9th, 1968 (December 09 1968)BirthDave Harold, English snooker player
December 9th, 1967 (December 09 1967)BirthJoshua Bell, American violinist
December 9th, 1967 (December 09 1967)BirthJason Dozzell, English footballer
December 9th, 1967 (December 09 1967)BirthGheorghe Popescu, Romanian footballer
December 9th, 1967 (December 09 1967)DeathCharles Leon Hammes, Luxembourgian lawyer and President of the European Court of Justice (born in 1898)
December 9th, 1966 (December 09 1966)BirthKirsten Gillibrand, American politicianEric Gill Quotes
December 9th, 1966 (December 09 1966)BirthToby Huss, American actor
December 9th, 1965 (December 09 1965)BirthJoe Ausanio, American baseball player
December 9th, 1965 (December 09 1965)BirthVecepia Towery, American Survivor contestant
December 9th, 1965 (December 09 1965)DeathBranch Rickey, American baseball executive (born in 1884)
December 9th, 1964 (December 09 1964)BirthPaul Landers, German guitarist (Rammstein)
December 9th, 1964 (December 09 1964)DeathDame Edith Sitwell, English poet and critic (born in 1887)Edith Sitwell Quotes
December 9th, 1963 (December 09 1963)BirthDave Hilton, Jr., Canadian boxer
December 9th, 1963 (December 09 1963)BirthMasako, Crown Princess of Japan
December 9th, 1962 (December 09 1962)BirthFelicity Huffman, American actress
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)EventThe trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Israel ends with him being found guilty of 15 criminal charges, including charges of crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and membership of an outlawed organization.Adolf Eichmann Quotes
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)EventTanganyika becomes independent from Britain.
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)BirthDavid Anthony Higgins, American actor
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)BirthJoe Lando, American actor
December 9th, 1960 (December 09 1960)BirthTerry Moran, American TV reporter
December 9th, 1960 (December 09 1960)BirthJuan Samuel, Dominican baseball player
December 9th, 1960 (December 09 1960)BirthDobroslav Paraga,Croatian politician and editor
December 9th, 1958 (December 09 1958)EventRed Scare: The John Birch Society was founded in the United States.
December 9th, 1958 (December 09 1958)BirthRikk Agnew, American guitarist (The Adolescents)
December 9th, 1958 (December 09 1958)BirthNick Seymour, Australian bassist (Crowded House)
December 9th, 1957 (December 09 1957)BirthDonny Osmond, American singer and actor
December 9th, 1955 (December 09 1955)BirthChamras Saewataporn, Thai composer and musician
December 9th, 1955 (December 09 1955)DeathHermann Weyl, German mathematician (born in 1885)
December 9th, 1954 (December 09 1954)BirthHerman Finkers, Dutch comedian
December 9th, 1953 (December 09 1953)EventRed Scare: General Electric announces that all communist employees will be discharged from the company.
December 9th, 1953 (December 09 1953)BirthWorld B. Free, American basketball player
December 9th, 1953 (December 09 1953)BirthJohn Malkovich, American actor
December 9th, 1952 (December 09 1952)BirthLiaqat Baloch, Pakistani politician
December 9th, 1952 (December 09 1952)BirthMichael Dorn, American actor
December 9th, 1950 (December 09 1950)EventHarry Gold is sentenced to thirty years in jail for helping Klaus Fuchs pass information about the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union. His testimony is later instrumental in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
December 9th, 1950 (December 09 1950)BirthJoan Armatrading, St. Kitts-born English singer
December 9th, 1949 (December 09 1949)BirthTom Kite, American golfer
December 9th, 1949 (December 09 1949)BirthNando Parrado, Uruguayan plane crash survivor
December 9th, 1948 (December 09 1948)BirthDennis Dunaway, American musician
December 9th, 1948 (December 09 1948)BirthMarleen Gorris, Dutch film director
December 9th, 1947 (December 09 1947)BirthTom Daschle, American politician
December 9th, 1947 (December 09 1947)BirthJaak Joeruut, Soviet-born Estonian politician
December 9th, 1946 (December 09 1946)EventThe "Subsequent Nuremberg Trials" began with the "Doctors Trial", prosecuting doctors alleged to be involved in human experimentation.
December 9th, 1946 (December 09 1946)BirthSonia Gandhi, Italian-born Indian politician
December 9th, 1946 (December 09 1946)BirthShatrughan Sinha, Indian actor
December 9th, 1945 (December 09 1945)BirthMatti Mantyla, Finnish actor
December 9th, 1945 (December 09 1945)BirthMichael Nouri, American actor
December 9th, 1944 (December 09 1944)BirthNeil Innes, English singer (Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Rutles)
December 9th, 1944 (December 09 1944)BirthKi Longfellow, American novelist
December 9th, 1944 (December 09 1944)BirthBob O Connor, American politician
December 9th, 1943 (December 09 1943)BirthPit Martin, Canadian ice hockey player
December 9th, 1942 (December 09 1942)BirthBilly Bremner, Scottish footballer (died in 1997)
December 9th, 1942 (December 09 1942)BirthDick Butkus, American football player
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)EventWorld War II: The Republic of China, Cuba, Guatemala, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, and the Philippine Commonwealth, declare war on Germany and Japan.
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)EventWorld War II: The 19th Bombardment Group attacks Japanese ships off the coast of Vigan, Luzon.
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)BirthBeau Bridges, American actor
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)BirthDan Hicks, American musician
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)DeathDmitry Merezhkovsky, Russian writer and philosopher (born in 1865) Philo Quotes
December 9th, 1940 (December 09 1940)EventWorld War II: Operation CompassBritish and Indian troops under the command of Major-General Richard O Connor attack Italian forces near Sidi Barrani in Egypt.
December 9th, 1938 (December 09 1938)BirthDavid Houston, American country singer (died in 1993)
December 9th, 1938 (December 09 1938)BirthDeacon Jones, American football player
December 9th, 1937 (December 09 1937)EventSecond Sino-Japanese War: Battle of NanjingJapanese troops under the command of Lt. Gen. Asaka Yasuhiko launch an assault on the Chinese city of Nanjing.
December 9th, 1937 (December 09 1937)BirthDarwin Joston, American actor (died in 1998)
December 9th, 1937 (December 09 1937)DeathNils Gustaf Dalen, Swedish physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1869)
December 9th, 1935 (December 09 1935)EventWalter Liggett American newspaper editor and muckraker killed in gangland murder.
December 9th, 1935 (December 09 1935)DeathWalter Liggett, American crusading newspaper editor and muckraker (born in 1886)
December 9th, 1934 (December 09 1934)BirthDame Judi Dench, English actress
December 9th, 1934 (December 09 1934)BirthJunior Wells, American musician (died in 1998)
December 9th, 1933 (December 09 1933)BirthMorton Downey Jr., American talk show host (died in 2001)
December 9th, 1933 (December 09 1933)BirthMonique Miller, French Canadian actress
December 9th, 1931 (December 09 1931)EventThe Constituent Cortes approves the constitution which establishes the Second Spanish Republic.
December 9th, 1931 (December 09 1931)BirthWilliam Reynolds, American actor
December 9th, 1931 (December 09 1931)BirthLadislav Smoljak, Czech actor
December 9th, 1930 (December 09 1930)BirthBuck Henry, American actor
December 9th, 1930 (December 09 1930)DeathAndrew "Rube" Foster, American baseball player and founder of the Negro National League (born in 1879)
December 9th, 1929 (December 09 1929)BirthJohn Cassavetes, American actor and director (died in 1989)
December 9th, 1929 (December 09 1929)BirthBob Hawke, 23rd Prime Minister of Australia
December 9th, 1928 (December 09 1928)BirthAndre Milhoux, Belgian racing driver
December 9th, 1928 (December 09 1928)BirthDick Van Patten, American actor
December 9th, 1927 (December 09 1927)BirthPierre Henry, French composer
December 9th, 1926 (December 09 1926)BirthHenry Way Kendall, American physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1999)
December 9th, 1926 (December 09 1926)BirthJan Kresadlo, Czech writer (died in 1995)
December 9th, 1925 (December 09 1925)BirthDina Merrill, American actress
December 9th, 1922 (December 09 1922)EventGabriel Narutowicz is announced the first president of Poland.
December 9th, 1922 (December 09 1922)BirthRedd Foxx, American comedian (died in 1991)
December 9th, 1920 (December 09 1920)BirthCarlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Italian Republic
December 9th, 1919 (December 09 1919)BirthWilliam Lipscomb, American chemist, Nobel laureate
December 9th, 1918 (December 09 1918)BirthJerome Beatty Jr., American author
December 9th, 1917 (December 09 1917)EventIn Palestine, Field Marshal Edmund Allenby captures Jerusalem.
December 9th, 1917 (December 09 1917)BirthJames Angleton, head of counterintelligence for the CIA (died in 1987)
December 9th, 1917 (December 09 1917)BirthJames Rainwater, American physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1986)
December 9th, 1916 (December 09 1916)BirthKirk Douglas, American actorKirk Douglas Quotes
December 9th, 1916 (December 09 1916)DeathNatsume Soseki, Japanese novelist (born in 1867)
December 9th, 1915 (December 09 1915)BirthElisabeth Schwarzkopf, German-born soprano (died in 2006)
December 9th, 1914 (December 09 1914)BirthFrances Reid, American actress
December 9th, 1912 (December 09 1912)BirthTip O Neill, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (died in 1994)
December 9th, 1911 (December 09 1911)BirthBroderick Crawford, American actor (died in 1986)
December 9th, 1911 (December 09 1911)BirthRyuzo Sejima, Japanese educator (died in 2007)
December 9th, 1909 (December 09 1909)BirthDouglas Fairbanks, Jr., American actor (died in 2000)
December 9th, 1906 (December 09 1906)BirthGrace Hopper, American computer pioneer (died in 1992)Grace Hopper Quotes
December 9th, 1905 (December 09 1905)EventIn France, the law separating church and state is passed.
December 9th, 1905 (December 09 1905)BirthDalton Trumbo, American writer (died in 1976)Dalton Trumbo Quotes
December 9th, 1904 (December 09 1904)BirthRobert Livingston, American actor (died in 1988)
December 9th, 1902 (December 09 1902)BirthMargaret Hamilton, American actress (died in 1985)
December 9th, 1901 (December 09 1901)BirthCarol Dempster, American actress (died in 1991)
December 9th, 1901 (December 09 1901)BirthOdon von Horvath, Hungarian-born writer (died in 1938)
December 9th, 1901 (December 09 1901)BirthJean Mermoz, French pilot (died in 1936)
December 9th, 1900 (December 09 1900)BirthAlbert Weisbord, American labor organizer (died in 1977)
December 9th, 1899 (December 09 1899)BirthJean de Brunhoff, French author (died in 1937)
December 9th, 1898 (December 09 1898)BirthEmmett Kelly, American circus clown (died in 1979)
December 9th, 1897 (December 09 1897)EventActivist Marguerite Durand founds the feminist daily newspaper, La Fronde in Paris.
December 9th, 1897 (December 09 1897)BirthHermione Gingold, English actress (died in 1987)Hermione Gingold Quotes
December 9th, 1895 (December 09 1895)BirthConchita Supervia, Spanish opera singer (died in 1936)
December 9th, 1894 (December 09 1894)DeathPafnuty Chebyshev, Russian mathematician (born in 1821)
December 9th, 1891 (December 09 1891)BirthMaksim Bahdanovic, Belarusian poet (died in 1917)
December 9th, 1889 (December 09 1889)BirthHannes Kolehmainen, Finnish long-distance runner (died in 1966)
December 9th, 1888 (December 09 1888)EventStatistician Herman Hollerith installs his computing device at the United States War Department.
December 9th, 1887 (December 09 1887)BirthTim Moore, American actor and vaudevillian (died in 1958)Tim Moore Quotes
December 9th, 1887 (December 09 1887)DeathMahmadu Lamine, Senegalese marabout and military leader
December 9th, 1886 (December 09 1886)BirthClarence Birdseye, American frozen food manufacturer (died in 1956)
December 9th, 1883 (December 09 1883)BirthNikolai Luzin, Russian mathematician (died in 1950)
December 9th, 1882 (December 09 1882)BirthJoaquin Turina, Spanish composer (died in 1949)
December 9th, 1876 (December 09 1876)BirthBerton Churchill, American actor (died in 1940)
December 9th, 1875 (December 09 1875)EventMassachusetts Rifle Association "America s Oldest Active Gun Club" is founded.
December 9th, 1872 (December 09 1872)EventIn Louisiana, P. B. S. Pinchback becomes the first serving African-American governor of a U.S. state.
December 9th, 1871 (December 09 1871)BirthJoe Kelley, American baseball player (died in 1943)
December 9th, 1868 (December 09 1868)BirthFritz Haber, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1934)
December 9th, 1861 (December 09 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War is established by the U.S. Congress.
December 9th, 1858 (December 09 1858)DeathRobert Baldwin, Canadian politician (born in 1804)
December 9th, 1856 (December 09 1856)EventThe Iranian city of Bushehr surrenders to occupying British forces.
December 9th, 1854 (December 09 1854)DeathAlmeida Garrett, Portuguese writer (born in 1799)
December 9th, 1851 (December 09 1851)EventThe first YMCA in North America is established in Montreal, Quebec.
December 9th, 1850 (December 09 1850)BirthEmma Abbott, American soprano (died in 1891)
December 9th, 1847 (December 09 1847)BirthGeorge Grossmith, English actor (died in 1912)George Grossmith Quotes
December 9th, 1842 (December 09 1842)BirthPeter Kropotkin, Russian anarchist (died in 1921)
December 9th, 1837 (December 09 1837)BirthEmile Waldteufel, French composer (died in 1915)
December 9th, 1835 (December 09 1835)EventThe Republic of Texas captures San Antonio, Texas.
December 9th, 1830 (December 09 1830)DeathHeinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher, Danish surgeon, botanist and professor of anatomy (born in 1757)
December 9th, 1824 (December 09 1824)EventPatriot forces led by General Antonio Jose de Sucre defeat a Royalist army in the Battle of Ayacucho, putting an end to the Peruvian War of Independence.
December 9th, 1806 (December 09 1806)BirthJean-Olivier Chenier, French Canadian physician and Patriote (died in 1838)
December 9th, 1798 (December 09 1798)DeathJohann Reinhold Forster, German botanist (born in 1729)
December 9th, 1793 (December 09 1793)EventNew York City s first daily newspaper, the American Minerva, is established by Noah Webster.
December 9th, 1793 (December 09 1793)DeathGabrielle de Polastron, comtesse de Polignac, French aristocrat (born in 1749)
December 9th, 1787 (December 09 1787)BirthJohn Dobson, English architect (died in 1865)
December 9th, 1751 (December 09 1751)BirthMaria Luisa of Parma, queen of Charles IV of Spain (died in 1819)
December 9th, 1748 (December 09 1748)BirthClaude Louis Berthollet, French chemist (died in 1822)
December 9th, 1718 (December 09 1718)DeathVincenzo Coronelli, Italian cartographer and encylopaedist (born in 1650)
December 9th, 1706 (December 09 1706)DeathKing Peter II of Portugal (born in 1648)
December 9th, 1692 (December 09 1692)DeathWilliam Mountfort, English actor and dramatist
December 9th, 1674 (December 09 1674)DeathEdward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, English statesman and historian (born in 1609)
December 9th, 1669 (December 09 1669)DeathPope Clement IX (born in 1600)
December 9th, 1667 (December 09 1667)BirthWilliam Whiston, English mathematician (died in 1752)
December 9th, 1652 (December 09 1652)BirthAugustus Quirinus Rivinus, German physician (died in 1723)
December 9th, 1641 (December 09 1641)DeathAnthony van Dyck, Flemish painter (born in 1599)
December 9th, 1636 (December 09 1636)DeathFabian Birkowski, Polish writer (born in 1566)
December 9th, 1625 (December 09 1625)DeathUbbo Emmius, Dutch historian and geographer (born in 1547)
December 9th, 1610 (December 09 1610)BirthBaldassare Ferri, Italian castrato (died in 1680)
December 9th, 1608 (December 09 1608)BirthJohn Milton, English poet (died in 1674)John Milton Quotes
December 9th, 1603 (December 09 1603)DeathWilliam Watson, English conspirator (born in 1559)William Watson Quotes
December 9th, 1594 (December 09 1594)BirthGustavus Adolphus of Sweden (died in 1632)
December 9th, 1579 (December 09 1579)BirthMartin de Porres, Peruvian saint (died in 1639)
December 9th, 1571 (December 09 1571)BirthMetius (Adriaan Adriaanszoon), Dutch mathematician and astronomer (died in 1635)
December 9th, 1565 (December 09 1565)DeathPope Pius IV (born in 1499)
December 9th, 1561 (December 09 1561)BirthSir Edwin Sandys, English-born Virginian colonist (died in 1629)
December 9th, 1544 (December 09 1544)DeathTeofilo Folengo, Italian poet (born in 1491)
December 9th, 1508 (December 09 1508)BirthGemma Frisius, Dutch mathematician and cartographer (died in 1555)
December 9th, 1447 (December 09 1447)BirthChenghua, Emperor of China (died in 1487)
December 9th, 1437 (December 09 1437)DeathSigismund, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1368)
December 9th, 1425 (December 09 1425)EventThe Catholic University of Leuven is founded.
December 9th, 1165 (December 09 1165)DeathKing Malcolm IV of Scotland
December 9th, 0536 (December 09 0536)EventByzantine General Belisarius enters Rome while the Ostrogothic garrison peacefully leaves the city, returning the old capital to its empire.

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