December 9th Events

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December 9th, 2006 (December 09 2006)EventMoscow suffers its worst fire since 1977, killing 45 women in a drug rehabitational center.
December 9th, 2003 (December 09 2003)EventA blast in the center of Moscow kills six people and wounds several more.
December 9th, 1990 (December 09 1990)EventLech Walesa becomes the first directly elected president of Poland.Lech Walesa Quotes
December 9th, 1988 (December 09 1988)EventThe Michael Hughes Bridge in Sligo, Ireland is officially opened.
December 9th, 1987 (December 09 1987)EventIsraeli-Palestinian conflict: The First Intifada begins in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
December 9th, 1979 (December 09 1979)EventThe eradication of the smallpox virus is certified, making smallpox the first and to date only human disease driven to extinction.
December 9th, 1968 (December 09 1968)EventNLS (a system for which hypertext and the computer mouse were developed) is publicly demonstrated for the first time in San Francisco.
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)EventThe trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Israel ends with him being found guilty of 15 criminal charges, including charges of crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and membership of an outlawed organization.Adolf Eichmann Quotes
December 9th, 1961 (December 09 1961)EventTanganyika becomes independent from Britain.
December 9th, 1958 (December 09 1958)EventRed Scare: The John Birch Society was founded in the United States.
December 9th, 1953 (December 09 1953)EventRed Scare: General Electric announces that all communist employees will be discharged from the company.
December 9th, 1950 (December 09 1950)EventHarry Gold is sentenced to thirty years in jail for helping Klaus Fuchs pass information about the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union. His testimony is later instrumental in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
December 9th, 1946 (December 09 1946)EventThe "Subsequent Nuremberg Trials" began with the "Doctors Trial", prosecuting doctors alleged to be involved in human experimentation.
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)EventWorld War II: The Republic of China, Cuba, Guatemala, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, and the Philippine Commonwealth, declare war on Germany and Japan.
December 9th, 1941 (December 09 1941)EventWorld War II: The 19th Bombardment Group attacks Japanese ships off the coast of Vigan, Luzon.
December 9th, 1940 (December 09 1940)EventWorld War II: Operation CompassBritish and Indian troops under the command of Major-General Richard O Connor attack Italian forces near Sidi Barrani in Egypt.
December 9th, 1937 (December 09 1937)EventSecond Sino-Japanese War: Battle of NanjingJapanese troops under the command of Lt. Gen. Asaka Yasuhiko launch an assault on the Chinese city of Nanjing.
December 9th, 1935 (December 09 1935)EventWalter Liggett American newspaper editor and muckraker killed in gangland murder.
December 9th, 1931 (December 09 1931)EventThe Constituent Cortes approves the constitution which establishes the Second Spanish Republic.
December 9th, 1922 (December 09 1922)EventGabriel Narutowicz is announced the first president of Poland.
December 9th, 1917 (December 09 1917)EventIn Palestine, Field Marshal Edmund Allenby captures Jerusalem.
December 9th, 1905 (December 09 1905)EventIn France, the law separating church and state is passed.
December 9th, 1897 (December 09 1897)EventActivist Marguerite Durand founds the feminist daily newspaper, La Fronde in Paris.
December 9th, 1888 (December 09 1888)EventStatistician Herman Hollerith installs his computing device at the United States War Department.
December 9th, 1875 (December 09 1875)EventMassachusetts Rifle Association "America s Oldest Active Gun Club" is founded.
December 9th, 1872 (December 09 1872)EventIn Louisiana, P. B. S. Pinchback becomes the first serving African-American governor of a U.S. state.
December 9th, 1861 (December 09 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War is established by the U.S. Congress.
December 9th, 1856 (December 09 1856)EventThe Iranian city of Bushehr surrenders to occupying British forces.
December 9th, 1851 (December 09 1851)EventThe first YMCA in North America is established in Montreal, Quebec.
December 9th, 1835 (December 09 1835)EventThe Republic of Texas captures San Antonio, Texas.
December 9th, 1824 (December 09 1824)EventPatriot forces led by General Antonio Jose de Sucre defeat a Royalist army in the Battle of Ayacucho, putting an end to the Peruvian War of Independence.
December 9th, 1793 (December 09 1793)EventNew York City s first daily newspaper, the American Minerva, is established by Noah Webster.
December 9th, 1425 (December 09 1425)EventThe Catholic University of Leuven is founded.
December 9th, 0536 (December 09 0536)EventByzantine General Belisarius enters Rome while the Ostrogothic garrison peacefully leaves the city, returning the old capital to its empire.

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